No Half Measures

TOR is taking a different approach to hair + body products - we don't compromise, and we don't ask our customers to. That's why we formulate our products to deliver the best results for your hair type, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

TOR is driven by science, not marketing - we formulate our products not to work for the most people, but to work for people the most. Started in 2014 by beauty industry veteran Shannon Tor, a former Avon & Alberto-Culver product chemist with 9 industry awards, TOR's philosophy is simple: “no half-measures”.

Hair Care

Our hair care product lines are driven by the ability to style, manage, and maintain a natural feel for your hair. Our products actually create moisture, not mimic it. Each hair type has its own unique characteristics, and some hair types need more help retaining moisture than others.

Taking a “single-sweep” approach to hair care means no one gets the results they're searching for - so Shannon took his 20 years of industry experience creating & testing products in real salons, and found the best way to deliver results for each individual.

Why CBD?

Shannon has a long history with CBD, going back to his grandparents, but TOR Salon Products CBD emerged when co-founder & CFO Tina, who is also Shannon's wife, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

After years of medical intervention, medication, and problems with inflammation, Shannon decided to harken back to his grandmother's advice and created a highly concentrated CBD “tincture”, knowing cannabinoids ability to tame inflammation. Shannon just wanted to give his wife some relief. Within a week, Tina was able to eat normal meals - something she hadn't been able to do in years.

Like TOR's hair lines, TOR CBD is backed by extensive research and science - which is why our CBD products are on average 3-times the concentration of the rest of the CBD market. No half-measures.

Shop CBD
  • TOR was born out of the idea that people are unique, and we seek to solve those unique challenges. We serve anyone who wants natural products, backed by science, that create real results (so everyone right?)


    We don't touch anything that we know has a negative impact. We've been asked many times to create high-margin products (both contract & as product lines) that we know are chemically dangerous, environmentally unsound (dimethicone-based conditioners), or counter-productive. We don't touch anything that conflicts with our 3 core values.

  • TOR Values

    Safety first

    Shannon doesn't manufacture anything he wouldn't put on his children.

    No compromises

    We don't compromise results for cost, or marketing.

    Example: we refuse to use dimethicone-based conditioning agents, such as dimethicone. Instead, we use a naturally-derived conditioning agent that cost over 20x the cost. And we're still price competitive.


    We use technology in our manufacturing where it's needed, not for it's own sake. If we can accomplish the same result with avocado oil, we're using it.

The Future of TOR

We are constantly evolving - introducing new lines, expanding TOR as a personal care brand. Our goal is to make personal care more customized, more accessible, and more effective.

As a thank you for spending your time to learn about TOR Salon Products, we would like to say thank you. As a token of gratitude, for making it to the end, use no-half-measures for 10% off your next purchase.