Introducing TOR CBD

Introducing TOR CBD

You may have noticed that our CBD products are no longer available on - not to worry, we haven't stopped making or selling any of our CBD products.

If you've been a TOR customer for a little while, you'll remember last year when we were able to accept credit card orders - basically, our credit card processor at the time said "nope"! It took us quite a while to get back online, but we did it. So we were prepared to address any potential hiccups when we started working on our shiny, new website.

Our original plan was to sell all of our products on the new website, however, we realized keeping both product lines under the same proverbial roof was imposing undue constraints on how we could market and sell our hair care. Ultimately, selling hair care and CBD products requires totally different strategies, and speaking to different audiences, even if they overlap sometimes.

So, we've quietly launched TOR CBD, a sister brand of TOR Salon Products, so we can put more strategic focus on each segment of the business.

TOR CBD is now available at, and of course, give us a follow on Instagram @tor_cbd

If you've enjoyed TOR's CBD products, give us a shout and let us know how!

Our CBD Story

Shannon has a long history with CBD, going back to his grandparents, but TOR Salon Products CBD emerged when co-founder & CFO Tina, who is also Shannon's wife, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

After years of medical intervention, medication, and problems with inflammation, Shannon decided to harken back to his grandmother's advice and created a highly concentrated CBD “tincture”, knowing cannabinoids' ability to tame inflammation. Shannon just wanted to give his wife some relief.

Within a week, Tina was able to eat normal meals - something she hadn't been able to do in years.

A bit more about selling CBD online

CBD is federally legal, however, there are a few catches. CBD can not be derived from the cannabis plant, it must come from industrial hemp. The CBD must have less than 0.3% THC to be considered federally legal. Each state has different regulations on CBD and CBD-containing products.

Due to the volatility of regulation around hemp, marijuana, and CBD, payment processors like Stripe, Shopify, and others classify CBD sales as "high-risk". Their actuaries and insurance companies want nothing to do with CBD. So there's quite a bit more work involved to be able to sell CBD online.

The bottom line

TOR CBD isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We've just moved some things around to enable us to continue to grow and serve our customers as best as possible.

Like TOR's hair lines, TOR CBD is backed by extensive research and science - which is why our CBD products are on average 3-times the concentration of the rest of the CBD market.

No half-measures.

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