An Old Trend Becomes a New Trend

An Old Trend Becomes a New Trend

Have you ever heard of "hair slugging"? It's a new hair trend that is gaining popularity for its ability to give hair shine and moisture. The process is simple: you massage a natural oil (such as olive or avocado oil) into your hair, cover it with a shower cap, and let it sit overnight.

The trend has been gaining notoriety on Tiktok and in other beauty social media circles, with many different recommendations on how to slug your hair.

The concept of applying oil to one's hair has a long-standing history in many African and Asian cultures. Recently, "slugging" has resurged in beauty trends, starting with skincare, where one uses petroleum jelly or a heavy lotion on dry areas, usually hands or feet, and keeps the coated skin in a sock, or something similar, overnight.

Hair slugging is the same concept for your hair. When it comes to your hair, you don't want to be coating your hair in petroleum jelly (which will be incredibly difficult to get out), but rather, use an oil like avocado, coconut, or olive oil, and allow your hair to absorb it.

While some people recommend keeping oil in overnight, to prevent build-up & clogged scalp pores, we recommend starting with 2 hours, and adjusting as needed to create your desired result.

When practicing hair slugging, we have a few recommendations for keeping your hair healthy and build-up free.

  1. Wash with a cleansing shampoo after slugging your hair. Use warm water and then cold water to close the cuticle of the hair and lock in your moisture.
  2. Rinse thoroughly, and take special care if you'll be using any heat products soon after. Hair + heat + oil = damaged hair.
  3. If you are sleeping with your hair slugged, use a silk wrap. Cotton roughs up the cuticle and will rough up the cuticle, making it more difficult to close and lock in your new moisture.

Other ways to increase moisture and shine include switching to dimethicone-free shampoo and conditioner and finding the right frequency of hair washing.

Finding the right balance for your hair type is key to keeping hair healthy, hydrated, and shiny.

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